A Comparison On MMA Workouts On The Market
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A Comparison On MMA Workouts On The Market

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 0 Comments

I was stunned by the number of MMA workouts on the market when I first started looking. Years ago, I had worked with a personal trainer to get the results I wanted. After having a baby, I put on more pounds but didn’t have the money to spend with a trainer anymore. My old trainer recommended an MMA workout in order to get the results that I was looking for.

Based upon cost and the overall workout, I ended up comparing Insanity and TapouT XT to see which one was going to provide me with the best overall package. Insanity has the concept of MAX interval training while TapouT XT uses mixed martial arts. The number of workouts with each was 10 and 12 respectively.

What impressed me the most with TapouT XT was the fact that I was getting multiple DVDs, including one that would specifically target my abs – an area that I wanted to focus on. I also was getting resistance and training bands in my package, which could be used to increase the intensity of my workout.

To be fair to the Intensity workout, they don’t require any weights or resistance bands – and they don’t include anything like that in their package, either. What you get is the workouts, a fitness and nutrition guide, a T-shirt and a wall calendar. I could get all of those things with the TapouT XT workout plus several other things.

Getting results was perhaps the most important aspect of finding MMA workouts. I ultimately chose TapouT XT because, while a little more expensive, it provided me with a 10 day slim-down plan that allowed me to jumpstart my results more than what any of the other programs were offering.

Each of the programs provides a weight loss solution in a similar manner. They want you to do a hardcore cardio and strength training routine on a daily basis while eating a balanced meal. I found both nutrition guides to be similar. The main variation was how much I would be eating with each plan – which also had to do with the overall intensity of the workout.

When I looked at all the factors, I felt that the TapouT XT longer training period and their attention to detail in the package to get me started was better. The MMA workouts were intense and as I got more familiar with the moves, I was able to make the lines cleaner and the movements more intense. It’s a workout that’s tough but well worth it.