Meet Up And Catch Up With Each Other
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Meet Up And Catch Up With Each Other

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 0 Comments

During a recent meet up with my classmates, they were talking non stop about Gainesville spa and sharing their experiences of their experience of a body vacation with Gainesville  tropical retreat of warm coconut oil massage and body wrap and one of the many signature Dead Sea  Salt body scrubs.  I get very excited whenever my friends talk about spa treatment. I have not been to one of late.   No wonder their faces shines with radiant and they look stunning with their new hair do. Their skin looks refreshed and energized and has a radiant glow on them.

They shared about the types of spa treatments they have undergone and the body massages not to be missed are the the therapeutic deep tissue massage and their hot oiled massage.  Hearing them having such fun makes me jealous and I told them I want to join them on their next visit.  The sole pampering sounds great.  I am a fan of stilettos and having great feet is important.  To me ,  a woman’s beauty does not lies on the face alone but also on their feet.  After hearing how much they enjoyed the sole spa treatment , I think I would like to experience their hot stone spa pedicures complete with a hydrating masque and warm paraffin foot dip which comes with custom blend of aroma and scrub of your choice and followed by our choice of the best color polish.

Wow, all this sounds interesting and fun and surely not to be missed when visiting Gainesville Spa. And they even went for their scalp and hair treatment.  The spa salon offers hair treatment such as  Color Retouch, Hi-Lite Designer Cut & Style, Full color & Designer Style, Add-on End Color, Hair conditioning, Damaged Hair Treatment, Deep Conditioning Treatment, perm, Spiral Perm.  Gainesville hair stylists really did a great job in giving them a stylish hair makeover.  I can’t wait to make an appointment with them for one of the body massage.

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