What Does Living a Healthy Life-Style Mean?

Friday, April 27, 2012 0 Comments

The phrase ‘living a healthy life-style’ holds many different meanings. For some it entails weight loss, to others it means ‘going green’ and others view it to mean getting outside more often. In this article we will look at weight/diet, ‘going green’ and exercise. After reading this article you can decide what living a healthy life style means to you.

Weight Loss or Diet
Article 04 25 2012 Every adult has control of his or her eating habits and food intake. Many people eat too much fast food, candy and chips. Others just do not eat right, no breakfast, fast food for lunch, and a quick sandwich or a microwave meal for dinner. Then, because the body is not satisfied, they snack throughout the evening on whatever is in the house.

For these people, living a healthy life-style means changing their eating habits and food choices. No (or less) fast food, eating a breakfast of a bowl of cereal with a glass of juice in the morning, bringing a sandwich with fruit and chips for lunch, maybe a piece of fruit or yogurt for mid afternoon, and a balanced dinner of meat, potatoes or rice and vegetables. And of course an evening snack of fruit or perhaps popcorn.

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