Eyes Lips Face | ELF Cosmetics | $25 Gift Set ELF Shop
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Eyes Lips Face | ELF Cosmetics | $25 Gift Set ELF Shop

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 0 Comments

I found out ELF (Eyes Lips Face) cosmetics because of my twitter friends. They're really fond of cosmetics so out of curiosity, I went ahead and check their website. I was shocked when I saw their prices. Most of their products were only a dollar. Yes, you read it right. So I grabbed the opportunity and bought some. Just like this $25 gift set which is perfect gift for a friend.

eyes lips face

The set has 25 items which includes mascara-Black, nail polish-clear, nail polish-light red, nail polish-coral, liquid eyeliner-black, eyes shadow-butternut, eyeshadow-silver lining, candy tin-frosting fanatic, new moisture care-baby lips, new moisture care-maple sugar, super glossy-angel, super glossy-Mauve Luxe, plumping lip glaze-plum pout, plumping lip glaze-ruby kiss, hypershine gloss-joy, hypershine gloss-honey, conditioning balm -strawberry, blush-shy, blush-glow, total face brush, bronzing brush, eyeshadow brush, eyelash curler, shine erasers, and mirror. Great deal, isn't it?