10 Aging Healthy Tips
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10 Aging Healthy Tips

Friday, September 26, 2008 1 Comments

I was reading an article about 10 aging healthy tips by Miranda Hitti of WebMD Health News and I thought of sharing it here with you. I'm sure most of you also wanted to know about these tips.

Last July 29, 2008, Centenarians say in a new poll that "staying close to family and friends, keeping your mind active, and having a sense of humor are keys to healthy aging". The poll was conducted by phone, included 100 U.S. centenarians. Here are their top 10 tips for healthy aging -- along with the percentage of how many said the tip is "very important" (they could call more than one tip "very important"):

* Stay close to your family and friends: 90%
* Keep your mind active: 89%
* Laugh and have a sense of humor: 88%
* Stay in touch with your spirituality: 84%
* Continue looking forward to each new day: 83%
* Keep moving and exercising: 82%
* Maintain a sense of independence: 81%
* Eat right: 80%
* Keep up with news and current events: 63%
* Keep making new friends: 63%

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